Welcome Camper!

Imagine a summer camp for adults. A vacation from the daily grind, where you can transport yourself back to the most carefree days of your childhood. There are games & sports. Swimming. Arts & crafts. Lifelong friends. Cool counselors. Endless opportunity to explore, good vibes all around, and not a worry in the world. Now, paint that place onto a canvas of incredible music, magical art, vibrant culture, and creativity that suspends reality & transcends the boundaries of imagination.

A few years back a DJ with a dream named Claude VonStroke decided to break away from corporate raves to produce a crazy, far-out summer camp showcasing the spicy independent flair of his record label. This new independent festival was fueled by the best music and a sense of silliness that gave his small but mighty community a place to call home. Seven years later, Dirtybird Campout shines through as the best boutique festival in the world, where wild ones and weirdos, music heads and party animals come to create their own destiny.
Welcome to Dirtybird Campout - the most unique festival experience in the world. Your counselors are your favorite DJs. Your campmates - fellow fans from across the planet. And your itinerary - anything you can dream up!

Since Dirtybird’s inception in 2003, we have encouraged fans to express their truest selves, embrace their deepest passions, spread viral positivity to their community - and make sure they’re having as much fun as possible while doing it. Each year we unite to celebrate those ideals, by transforming a little piece of California desert into an oasis of judgement-free self expression, comradery and creativity.
We host 2 stages and a escapade stage. Birdhouse is the biggest stage at our event hosting all of the house and techno. Then there is Bass Lodge which we get a good mix of bass music, drum and bass and more.

There is more to Campout than just the music. Our last stage, Claude's Cabin, hosts a variety of events including comedy, talent show, speed dating and more!
As a Dirtybird camper you can watch some amazing music artists...or make your own amazing music. You can appreciate awesome art...or create some awesome art yourself. You can watch talent & comedy shows...or show off your best talents.
Eat great food, play games, play sports, go swimming, make new friends, get dirty, get weird, let your freak flag fly, laugh until your cheeks hurt and dance until your feet throb.
Campout is for dreamers & for doers. It’s the hybrid of a transformational music festival, fused with the classic American summer camp experience - culminating in a 3 day party unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Practice archery in a sparkling tutu in the morning, battle your favorite DJ in dodgeball in the afternoon and then dance to their music deep into the night.

Here, artists don’t hide behind velvet ropes. Fans and performers intermingle to form a close knit community and leave permanently bound as a family.

You don't attend Campout, you make Campout.

Every year we have campers tell us this was the best weekend of their lives. We strive to create the most unforgettable, inclusive and creative event possible. But we really just provide the vehicle to make it all happen. The Campout community fuels this weekend with something truly special that can’t be described - only experienced for yourself.

We come to Camp from a vast array of backgrounds, to celebrate something we all have in common - a passion for enjoying life in the best way we know how. No matter who you are, sometimes we could all use a break from it all; to play in the sun all day, and party all night.

Summer isn’t over until October. See you at Camp!