Campers, prepare to move your body in new ways and connect with others like never before as we have curated an exciting variety of classes in our Yoga/Movement center...

Yoga/Movement Center at Campout

Campers! Foster your mind, body and soul from your jam-packed weekend with some relaxing yoga led by our meditation masters Lina Alfino, Erika Van Gemeren and Andrea Tomoe. Music will be provided by North Star, DJ Alkene and DJ White Light. Days filled with music, games & activities and mingling round-the-clock can be exhausting so grab your yoga mat, take off your dancing shoes and find some harmony during the festival @ 11am each day at our Yoga Movement Center at Claude’s Cabin. Yoga to start off the day? We're down, dog.

Meet our instructors

Yo-Get Down! Stretch, Flex and Groove!

Start your day off with some play time on your mat with Andrea Tomoe. This vinyasa inspired class incorporates groovy tunes and deep stretches to help set your body up for an all night dance party. Music and melodies will be provided by North Star.


Chirp & Flow Yoga IRL is back! Join Lina and DJ Alkene for a fun and functional yoga class to start the day on the right foot. Functional Yoga is not about turning yourself into a pretzel (although that does sound delicious!). Rather than focusing on strange shapes, this movement practice will introduce exercises that aid your body through daily life and leave you feeling more balanced and grounded.

The Waking Hour DJ & Yoga Flow

DJ White Light (TWH) & Erika Van Gemeren (Yoga Flow SF)

The Waking Hour DJ & Yoga Flow is a two-hour sound healing & movement experience designed to uplift the spirit while creating a mind-body balance in a fun atmosphere and supportive community.

Join DJ White Light as she takes us on an ambient journey of melodic house, indie dance, and binaural beats. Erika Van Gemeren (Yoga Flow) will guide us in reconnecting to ourselves through yoga, movement, dance and mantras, leaving us glowing and ready to enjoy the remainder of the day's festivities.