As our flock continues to grow it’s important that we fill in the new campers of our community on how we do things. This year, no matter what...

Tips for Being a Sustainable Camper!

As our flock continues to grow it’s important that we educate all our campers in our community on how we do things. This year, no matter what team color you're on or how dirty you are, we want every team to be GREEN and CLEAN. Festival waste is a huge problem, so we are calling all campers to take a conscious effort moving forward to try and keep our camp home as clean as possible. We want to make sure our Campout family is a shining example of past and future festivals! Let’s step it up and be the example!

Here are some tips on how to reduce your footprint & be the most sustainable camper you can be…

1. Reuse!

Do you hardly ever go camping, but are making the trek to Campout this year? Borrow a friends camping gear instead of buying new gear you’ll likely rarely use! We highly encourage bringing reusable canteens, coffee mugs, utensils and cutlery to minimize waste! Be sure to bring extra jugs of water for washing camp dishes.

Pro-Tip: consider bringing boxed water! DO NOT bring single-use plastic bottles

2. Carpool To Camp

Transportation accounts for a huge part of your emissions! Carpool to camp

3. Light It Up

Try to make sure any lights you bring to Campout are LED or energy saving. Plus, LED lights last way longer than regular light bulbs—just sayin’! Here are some Flashlight and String Light options to get you thinking. Please avoid bringing glow sticks!

Pro-Tip: if you’re bringing a bike, please attach lights to the front and back of your bike!

4. Sort Your Sh*t!

Please label your campsite’s trash and pack it out at the end of the festival. Food waste is a huge problem at festivals, so try to pack snacks and meals ahead of time. If you don’t know the difference between compost and recycling, here you go. To be extra green, you can bring your food plastic-free by using this helpful guide or just bring reusable food containers.

5. Keep Your Litter & Glitter Off The Ground

Keep the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) OFF the ground! A big one to note here is cigarette butts & ash. Both are MOOP and should never ever touch the soil. Be a pro-camper and bring an empty Altoids tin or something of the sort so you can smoke on the go! Glitter is also MOOP and is very harmful to the environment because it’s impossible to clean up. Please only use biodegradable glitter OR come get your face painted inside Craftopia at camp! If you see some flyaway trash, snatch it up and throw it away in one of our sorting bins at the back of the dance floor. You might inspire someone to do the same.

Pro-Tip: Be nice when showing campers who are new to our community the ways to keep our dance floor MOOP-free! No one wants to listen to an a-hole.

6. Pack It In, Pack It Out

Pack it in, pack it out is a take on the Leave No Trace policy that many nature reserves and National Parks adhere to. It’s a basic concept: leaving the land we camp on more beautiful than when we found it. That is why we ask campers to prepare to bring their campsite’s waste home with them after the festival.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH AT THE PORTO-POTTIES AT THE END OF CAMPOUT—seriously, it’s not cute. Instead, take your trash home OR utilize our waste drop-off service that will be available when you leave Campout. Sorted trash/recycle is accepted for free, un-sorted waste will be taken for a small fee. More info will be available in the Field Guide you receive at camp.