Campout Pre-Order Checklist

We will be migrating back to Modesto soon for another epic weekend together and we want to help ensure sure you have a stress free arrival! Plan ahead and grab the items listed below before you go.

Don't forget to purchase & pre-order:
  • BBQ Feast Plates : Let us do the cooking! Grill$on's BBQ will be serving up mouth-watering competition ribs and much more. We don’t skimp on the meat or all the fixins. Sides are usually a coleslaw or salad, mac n' cheese or corn. Vegan option available!
  • Weekend Locker : This locker is a perfect place to charge your phone and store some alternate clothing so you can offload or change your look over the course of a festival day. Located within the festival grounds next to games HQ right after you enter the festival space.
  • Shower Pass Pre-Order : The perfect way to re-set and recharge for the weekend. There will be portable showers with Hot Water available in the campgrounds! Pre-Order your passes now so that you’ll spend less time waiting in lines and more time on the dance floor.
  • Car Camping Pass : If you're bringing your car into the festival grounds, be sure to purchase a car camping pass. We do not have over flow parking lot