Non-Stop Entertainment at Claude's Cabin!

Bringing in the most unexpected and hilarious entertainment, Claude’s Cabin is the place to be to experience the ultimate tomfoolery. Take a break from the dancefloor, sports and crafty activities to drown in laughter and bond with the Dirtybird flock. Besides absurdity and good vibes, who knows what else you’ll see at this high-spirited stage.

This year you are able to sign up for games in advance so scroll down and get your spot in for the competitions early so you will be suited up and ready to go. More events TBA!

Expect the unexpected!

Set in the grassy meadows with beautiful wild woods and great shady areas to cool off, you can expect to find our ALL CAMP WELCOME ASSEMBLY to kick off here at 11:30am. Rise ‘n shine, you don’t want to miss as we kick off and welcome the weekend full of shenanigans. From competitive games of Bingo, campers embracing their ultimate prowess in talent shows, pie-eating, dating competitions, open-mic and beatbox battles, there’s definitely something for everyone.

From assemblies to comedy, talent, game shows and prize-winning competitions (participating in the Love Birds competition gives you the chance to win 2 FREE tickets to Dirtybird Campout West Coast in 2022!), panel talks and morning ceremonies, there is plenty to spice up any part of your day!


First Annual Dirtybird Spelling Bee

So you think you can spell? Then it's your time to shine, enter our Spelling Bee contest for the chance to be first ever champion of Dirtybird spelling.

Bingpot! Trivia

"Equal parts pub quiz and live game-show, BINGPOT! has been bringing people together since our founding at Toronto's Humber College in 2016. Our game consists of 5 rounds, from a picture page to the musical BINGPOT! JAMPOT and many things in between. Questions range from pop culture to sports, history to culinary arts, and much more. With a fiercely loyal following that prides itself on always including more, BINGPOT! is everything trivia should be! Join the fun on Sunday, 4:30pm-6pm at Claude’s Cabin.

Frozen T Shirt Contest

You think you're hot enough to melt a shirt and put it on? This new game in 2021 tests your speed and tempurature. The goal is to take a frozen shirt, defrost it and be the first to put it on!

Kyrian Grill Show

Kyrian Grill Show is a new concept performance where a theatrical / musical experience is created while perfomers are simulatenously grilling. Yes, you read that correctly! You can't miss this!

Mycelium Magic

What do you call a fungi that makes music? A decomposer. Come discuss the powers of mycelium and then get your hands dirty creating your own oyster mushroom grow bag!

Bentobox Crew Dance Class 101

Do you consider yourself a danseur or do you have two left feet on the dancefloor? No problem. Bentobox Crew Dance Class is the place to learn simple footwork and groove to get you moving.

The Bird Ball

So you think you can dance? Join us for The Bird Ball, a dance session including a 15 minute history of ballroom, a 45 minute vogue choreography lesson followed by a 1 hour competition where campers will form houses and compete in 4 Categories. Let's boogie!

Ice Cream Social w/ Worthy + DJ Baby Weight

Ice cream never sounds like a bad idea. Cool off from the Modesto heat and join us at our Ice Cream Social with Worthy and DJ Baby Weight for an LGTBQIA+ meetup. Now that's the scoop!

Squawk Talk

Talk to the masterminds that make up the Dirtybird team. Come to our open forum for Dirtybird label, events and clothing discussions.

BACK for 2021!

All Camp Welcome Assembly - Counselor Claude and the Color team leaders

We will kick off the festival at The Bunkhouse with our traditional All Camp Welcome Assembly! Grab your color team bandana at Games HQ in time to get to the assembly and meet your Color Team Leaders.

Love Birds Dating Show

Are you looking for the one but have yet to find them? Here is your chance. New to Dirtybird Campout we will be hosting a dating show that we hope will ultimately lead to some of our Campers finding their one true love.

Lap Dance 4 Your Life

A Dirtybird Campout favorite! Team Green presents a lap dance twerk off like you've never seen. Come let loose your inner freak to win fabulous prizes and a chance to be this years Lord of Lap Dance!

Dirtybird Talent Show

Our Talent Show returns for campers to show off their special talents? Comedy? Dance moves? Music? Singing? Jokes? Show up 15-30 minutes early to get registered to try to win the Campout’s Talent Show.

Camper Standup Comedy/Open Mic

Have a great joke, routine, cheer, song or poem to share with Campers? The open mic is just the right place for you!

The Great Bingo Revival

Back again by popular demand! The 1970’s throwback game show, featuring the Rev Rusty Reams, D.J.B.I.N.G.O. (aka Micah J), and the BinGO-GO Dancers, returns for late night debauchery and highjinks! This year you can win the biggest grand prize ever!

Bad Drag Show

Do you have what it takes?! Strut your stuff in the drag show this year. Competition is fierce but we know you will take it to another level.

Pie Eating Contest

Join us for the eating contest of your life... if you're fast & hungry this is the game for you.

Beatbox Competition

Calling all amateur beatboxers! Our open contest for the best Dirtybird Beatboxers will take place in The Bunkhouse. Time to show off those boots and cats you’ve been rehearsing!

Ruffled Feathers Comedy Hosted by Blakeshine

“Comedy is so hot right now.” Bring your childhood sense of play and your grown up insecurities and come laugh under the stars at the absurdity of life...we double dog dare you.

Closing Award Ceremony

Our final official camp gathering of the weekend! Counselor Claude and the Campout crew dole out camp awards and imparts the final farewell words to carry you through until our next time together.

The Twerkaholicz Twerkshop

Drop down and get your eagle on! It is time to Twerk! If you do not know how we will teach you because this workshop wants to get everyone to get low. If you are a professional or never tried it before stop by and show us what you've got!