Health & Safety Guidelines & Cancellation Policy 2022

Attention ALL Campers

We are updating our Health and Safety protocols for Dirtybird Campout West Coast 2022. We really hope that we won't need to do testing or vaccination checks at the gate for October 2022. Of course this policy is subject to change given how the virus moves and changes, but we're in a better place given how many people have contracted this virus and how many of us in our community are vaccinated.

We are an outdoor festival and many wear masks to reduce dust, so it's not uncommon to see mask or bandanas used as masks (everyone gets a free bandana upon games registration).

We do intend to have cashless payment systems in place for all purchases.

If for any reason our event gets cancelled due to the virus, everyone will have the option of moving to the next year OR get a refund. If you get covid within 72 hours of gate time, you will also get a refund.

We look forward to getting dirty with you in 2022!