Games & Activites

Games Field

This is the place to be for most of the competitions that happen throughout the weekend. Make sure to head to Games HQ first to get color team bandana so you can participate.

Games in the past have been: Obsticle Course, Speed Walking, Tug-Of-War, Water Balloon Toss and more!


Let's get crafty! This is the place to be get into your creative flow. With pin making, totum creations, hair braiding and much more, stop by here to get involved.

Roller Disco

Join the late night disco and roller skate with us! This is the place to be for the afterhours party, featuring a special disco lineup nightly from 2-4am. We also have open skate from 8pm-2am.


Get wet and get crazy! We have activites on the water like renting a kayak, particitpating the floatie race, or just jumping in and taking a swim.