Games & Activities

The music is what people come for, but what also makes Dirtybird Campout unique is the summer camp vibes and all the activities you can do. We have a host of characters that always entertain at Dirtybird Campout and bring the joy to life everywhere you look. So be prepared to join us on the games field, craftopia, roller disco and the reservoir. You can simply be entertained or join in the fun and games.

Games Field

This is the place where most of the competitions take place throughout the weekend. Make sure to head to Games HQ first when you arrive to get color team bandana so you can participate. You'll find Games HQ beside the merch booth.

15+ Games are on the Games Field including the following favorites: Obstacle Course, Speed Walking, Tug-Of-War and Water Balloon Toss!


Let's get crafty! This is the place to be get into your creative flow. With pin making, totum creations, hair braiding and much more, stop by here to get involved.

Activites here changee from year to year, but in the past have included: Patch Trading, Pin Making, Totum Workshop, Hair Braiding and more!


Get wet and get crazy! We have activites on the water like renting a kayak, particitpating the floatie race, or just jumping in and taking a swim.

Your time on the qwater will heelp you relax and get ready for a new day of partying to come.