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Five Legends Who Are Playing Dirtybird Campout 2021

Well it’s certainly been quite the year, Campers. From events hitting the chopping block, to migrating the entire flock to Twitch, to our celebrated comeback, Dirtybird CampINN. We have all been through a lot, and we’re giddy to return to the Modesto Reservoir on October 15-17 for the world’s best Summer camp: Dirtybird Campout.

After taking 2020 off, we knew we had to bring our best lineup to date back to camp, and, in our humble opinion, we think we succeeded. Beyond all the homies who are just as thrilled to hit the decks as you are to hit the dancefloor, we’ve got some legendary acts gracing the stage with us for the first time including techno innovator Carl Craig, master turntablist, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and more.

These artists have all made history in the world of music. No doubt you’ve heard some of their music on the radio or in the club, and we’re glad we can give deeper insight into their contributions.

Carl Craig

Detroit has always been the birthplace and home of techno. First inspired by Derrick May and the Bellville 3, Carl Craig began the next wave by making his first records on a dual-deck cassette player in 1989. Unlike his predecessors, his sound was less reliant on Kraftwerk and more on soul and funk influences. Soon after than in 1991 Craig launched his now revered imprint, Planet E Communications. Over the last 30 years Planet E has championed the Detroit techno sound, signing Motor City notables like Kevin Saunderson, Moodymann, Kenny Larkin and more. Throughout all this time Craig also remains an active touring DJ. He can play sultry jazz and funk or hard techno, you really never know what you are gonna get. He has said “Touring has always been the most important aspect of the music industry for artists. There will always be that desire for human interaction.” That statement is more true now than ever post-pandemic, and you can get a taste of the energy he’ll bring to Campout with his last Detroit Love mix for Mixmag:

Digable Planets

The Dirtybird sound is inspired equally by hip hop and dance music. There is always room for rappers on our stage, and we are proud to host the unmistakable Digable Planets at Campout! Composed of members Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, Mariana "Ladybug Mecca" Vieira, and Craig "Doodlebug" Irving, Digable Planets were vital to developing the jazz-rap sound in the early 90’s; a sound that inspired countless other groups including Gang Starr and Counselor Claude’s favorite rap group: A Tribe Called Quest. Although Digable Planets have only released two albums throughout their history—Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) and Blowout Comb—they have left a legacy that will live on forever. We can’t wait to hear some of their classics like “Rebirth Of Slick” live!

Planet of the Drums

Planet of the Drums (POTD) are a bonafide drum and bass supergroup. AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy, and MC Messinian all have careers in their own right, playing skankable beats all over the world, or in the case of MC Messinian, rapping over skankable beats (yes, there will be a live MC for POTD at Campout). However, they came together as a group to help spread the drum and bass sound far and wide. That sound has been on the rise in the US over the last couple years, and we’re positive POTD will have some new drum and bass fans exiting Campout this year after their set. Check out their Awakening mix they dropped after reuniting in 2017 to get ready!

DJ Jazzy Jeff

In a previous era of hip hop, the DJs were the superstars, and DJ Jazzy Jeff was THE superstar. Back in 1992, DJ Jazzy Jeff’s name was above The Fresh Prince on era-defining classics like “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “Summertime.” He was worshipped for mixing up beats from Kool & The Gang samples, and his skills are just as sharp as ever. He first became interested in DJing at the young of ten years old in the mid 1970’s, watching disc jockeys spin at block parties around his hometown of Philadelphia. “You might not have known his face, you might not have known his name but he was the guy that made everyone move,” Jeff said in an interview. Now he’ll be the guy making everyone move at Campout. His last mix from “The Magnificent House Party” will provide a preview of what’s coming.


Despite the name, Sir-Mix-A-Lot is not another DJ on the lineup. No, he is a rapper and he is responsible for massive hits like “Jump On It” a remix of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Apache,” and the notorious “Baby Got Back,” (we’re not going to ask if you like big butts, but Sir-Mix-A-Lot definitely does). Unlike Digable Planets who were known for their jazzy beats and smooth rhythms, Sir-Mix-A-Lot is one of the original party rappers. From his debut in 1983 on the streets of Seattle all the way up until now, he thrives on getting the crowd up and moving. Campout will be no different. Revisit the video for “Baby Got Back” to get in the mood for a full on party set.

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