Dirtybird Campout Peacock Program 2022 Selections

The Peacock Program is our way of merging Dirtybird Campout with our creative community. We use an application process where people apply to be a part of Dirtybird Campout and bring their teams, exhibits and acts to make a more creative interactive campout experience for attendees. Our 2022 Peacock Program highlights 18 new and returning creative acts and exhibits at Dirtybird Campout. We’re proud to reveal the ‘22 lineup below:

And now, without further ado, our Peacock Program Creators:

DIY Festival Fans

Running hot? Don’t sweat it! We have you covered, stop by craftopia and DIY your own fan to make or decorate. Keeping yourself cool and collected is prime for a good time. Make friends by fanning others on the dancefloor, please NO clacking, just let your tail feather shake! These fans will be a great keepsake! - Saturday 4-5pm at Craftopia


Look out for JELLi-like circle tents known as the JELLiJAMMERz. Check out some tunes, get hydrated, make a peanut butter & jelly, create giant bubbles, blow tiny bubbles, or participate in some JELLiFLOW yoga under this aquatic wonderland. This theme camp has flowy drapes and LED lights to fit whatever mood you’re in! Immerse yourself in the art, vibes and dance to deep, sonar-sub frequencies with the JELLiJAMMERz! Get lost for a while, find yourself perfectly as you are, become a JELLi! Join our SMACK! (”Smack” : A group of JELLiFISH)

The Booty Call Butt Dialer

Hello? Can you hear me now? The Booty Call Butt Dialer is your best option if you need to phone a friend. Lit up with LEDs this psychedelic phone booth will be a blast from the past! Forget sliding into the DM’s and chat with other campers. A time machine, maybe? Step in and find out for yourself.

DBC Municipal Railway

All aboard! Hop on the Dirtybird Municipal Railway, the grooviest train that keeps the party chugging! Twerk and ride in style on this one of a kind art car. Come on and ride the train, train! The DBC Railway is back for its second year around, this pimpin’ train ride is brought to life and made possible by a super special veteran bird…don’t miss your stop!

Heavy Flow

Don’t forget to check out the performance troupe, Heavy Flow at Claude’s Cabin! Come get silly and weird with clowns and characters. These performers have tricks up their sleeves all circling around the normalization of the monthly cycle. It isn’t taboo and it isn't a secret! Shining light and making aware of a woman’s period is the only way to educate and normalize! There is no shame in this natural cycle, period! - Friday 6:35pm-7pm at Claude’s Cabin

The Giving Tree

Find a branch in The Giving Tree next to the Basslodge and meet fellow birds in this immersive experience. Get lost and found in the limbs of fluorescent limbs, make memories and welcome home your heart, soul and dance moves. Back for the third year, the magic of The Giving Tree is one to be remembered.

The Rainbow Facepaint Portal

Gear up for day or night at the Rainbow Facepaint Portal in our theme camps! Sport your teams color or fluorescent UV paint. Then, make sure to grab your squad to glow and shine, rep your color with fun face and body paint at Craftopia, Friday between 3-6pm. Green, purple or rainbow this is a fun activity all can participate in and show off your funky feathers!

Button Making

Loosen up your buttons at our Button Making workshop in craftopia, bring your creative vibes and make cute fun and crafty pins to take home for memories, gifts or trade! A nice way to leave your number with a stranger on the dancefloor or a nice compliment to stick on someone's backpack in line for the shower… whatever you can create or think of is sure to be a good way to remember DBCW 2022! - Sunday 3-4pm at Craftopia

Sunglasses at Nite with Sparkle Head

Grab your hats, sunglasses and accessories for this craftopia activity! Decorate and bling out your stuff from home or don’t worry we have some swag for you too. Show up to the dancefloor as a fancy bird with your hand crafted creations. We stay fly, no lie! Look out for the sign that says SparkleHead in Craftopia! Saturday 8-9pm

Gymnastics for All!

Gymnastics is a great way to get a stretch in, meet others, show off or simply just learn new skills! Keep an eye out for foam mats where you can cartwheel, practice backflips and more! Stop by and show off what you got, maybe even win a prize?! - Sunday 1pm-2pm at the Games Field

Resin Eggs

Have some flocking fun with this DIY resin bird egg craft. Come pour and decorate a resin egg to turn into a necklace or keychain! Make friends at this super unique activity and take a part of Dirtybird home! Let’s get it crackin’! - Friday 5-6pm at Craftopia

The Cryptid Show

Is this thing on? Come one come all and see a very marvelous and strange show called The Cryptid Show! This comedy stars many characters that you believe to be a HOAX! A twerking tooth fairy, a sassy sasquatch and a saucy Chupacabra play in this odd and bizarre comedy show. Come and see it to believe it! - Friday 10pm-11pm at Claude’s Cabin

The Jolly Trixters

The Jolly Trixters are roaming characters and performers of all sorts. Sassy, silly and quirky, these characters are sure to captivate and put a smile on your face! Keep a lookout for the Trixters roaming the festival - I bet you won’t see this one coming!

Camp Salon

Come be a pretty bird at Camp Salon! Where you can step out and feel your best with beautiful braids at Craftopia on Friday between 3pm-6pm! Tighten up your hair-do! Also - exclusively for VIB we will also have massage therapists from 1pm-7pm in VIB/Luxury Camp. Loosen up those feathers so you stay feeling fresh all weekend long!

Crafting that bird

Stop by craftopia to create and craft your hat! Baseball, bucket or visors, bring your own to DIY or we have some to spare! Stand apart in the flock and have your nifty and crafty hat to attract other birds. Paint, doodle or glue decorations on your hat, get your whole squad to come to create unique or matching hats! Let’s see what you can come up with! - Saturday 12-2pm at Craftopia

Hatching Magick

Calling all magical birds...come gather under the full moon to hatch some magick! What exactly is magick? YOU ARE! All of those serendipitous moments that happen at campout that are hard to explain? Well, you are the magick that helps to create it. We will be making potions for you to keep, reading tarot, and have crystals to give away. Pick out one that calls to you, or, to gift for that special moment to come. Come read an astrology, crystal, or spell book from the traveling library. Feel free to bring your own divination tools to use and crystals to give or trade with others. No magical experience or tools necessary to participate. There is something for the whole flock! -Friday 8-9pm and Sunday 8-9pm at Craftopia

Shut the Box!

A jumbo dice game where you can test your lady luck. The captain will host you through an interactive dice game where you can meet friends and win prizes! Knock down all the tiles to win this game by “shutting the box!” Catch them roaming the festival grounds!

LFO Camp

Crossover to the LFO zone where you can revisit nostalgic JOY. Their CRT Television installation and vast collection of VHS tapes will knock your socks off! - stop on by for late night movie screenings or during the “Power Hours” –where you can get your sweat on with classic workout tapes such as Sweatin’ To The Oldies. This is a collaboration theme camp with DirtyHop (Cheesy Classics Camp from DBC ‘19) to maximize childlike joy. DirtyHop brings a fleet of adult sized Hoppity-Hops to share with all. (Hoppity Hop? Think yoga balls with handles to sit and bounce around on. It’s impossible to not be immediately happier when on one). Be sure to stick around for the dance party where DJs will play a wide range of music, including cheesy throwback tunes. Located in Theme Camp Row!