Dirtybird Campout Peacock Program 2021 Selections

The Peacock Program is our way of merging Dirtybird Campout with our creative community. We use an application process where people apply to be a part of Dirtybird Campout and bring their teams, exhibits and acts to make a more creative interactive campout experience for attendees. Our 2021 Peacock Program highlights 15 new and returning creative acts and exhibits at Dirtybird Campout. We’re proud to reveal the ‘21 lineup below:

And now, without further ado, our Peacock Program Creators:

Dirtybird x Bingpot! Trivia

Bingpot! Trivia
"Equal parts pub quiz and live game-show, BINGPOT! has been bringing people together since our founding at Toronto's Humber College in 2016. Our game consists of 5 rounds, from a picture page to the musical BINGPOT! JAMPOT and many things in between. Questions range from pop culture to sports, history to culinary arts, and much more. With a fiercely loyal following that prides itself on always including more, BINGPOT! is everything trivia should be! Join the fun on Sunday, 4:30pm-6pm at Claude’s Cabin. Check out our teaser video here.

The Dirty Lemonade Stand

If you don’t want to pay for your play, make sure you do it the right way! The Dirty Lemonade Stand has many ways to keep you going to ensure you play nice with all on the playground! Stay hydrated with a cold cup of lemonade, refresh yourself on the concept of consent, decompress and revive yourself in our “Buff and Grind station”, clean up and get ready for that late night Rendezvous with our sanitation supplies, are you lost or just need a friend? We are here for it all! Whatever you do, do it with intention, do it with class, and don’t forget to bust out the sass when needed! We can play as nice or as naughty just make sure you wash your hands!

Temple of Fluff

Another Peacock Program Veteran; Temple of Fluff provides a space where people can lounge and be comfortable together in an art filled environment where, if you see interesting people on the other side of the Fluff, you never have to stop being comfortable; just roll your way over to them! The inside flooring is completely lined with carpets making it easy for campers to escape the realm of normal camping while they enjoy comfortable inflatable furniture, our own custom Disco Heart, and more unicorns than one could ever reasonably hold at once, although we won’t stop you from trying. Once rejuvenated by this fluffy sanctuary, campers leave feeling a sense of happiness, as if making a new best friend, knowing they are welcome to return and always have a safe, fluffy place to come back to.

The Lights Fantastic

JACE AND ELLA BEE (a.k.a. The Hillbilly Kitten Explosion)
The Lights Fantastic are the vision of Jace and Elle Bee (a.k.a. The Hillbilly Kitten Explosion), from Lexington KY. We take about 500 led balls and put them up somewhere cool and make them do fancy things. For Dirtybird Campout we will be intertwining them in every way possible into a tunnel leading into the main festival.
One cool feature of the led balls is the way they emulate the UV spectrum, so colors turn right before your eyes. 1 color can turn 5 different colors if the right patterns are programmed into the lights.

Button Making

Come one, come all to the free button table where you can draw, design, craft your very own classic waterproof pin back button! No experience is necessary and free to everyone. Come and enjoy Button Making, happening on Saturday 12pm-2pm at Craftopia!

DBC Municipal Railway

What is the DBC Municipal Railway? We're the one and only DBC's San Francisco Cable Car, outfitted in style by and for Dirtybird Campers. Campers can interact with the DBC Municipal Railway in a multitude of ways. They can hop on, catch a ride, let loose and do the most anytime, and any place. Whether we're hitting the field with our game faces on, hitting Claude's Cabin for the latest act, it's turn up o'clock at the main stages, or it's time for 'The Great Bingo Revival', best believe the DBC Municipal Railway is gonna boogie, always.

Heavy Flow

This program is sure to bring relief to even one camper who forgot that Aunt Flow has a ticket to Dirtybird after they arrived on site. No shame, Heavy Flow is here to make light of these woes, all while flowing *heavy* to some supreme sets and sharing joyous debauchery. Heavy Flow is a passion project that comes to life, seeking to take on heavy issues with sacred silliness, dance, and play! Focused on the experiences of those who own a uterus, they use flow arts combined with storytelling to activate and educate, creating a space where all can tune in to the flow of life, and alleviate perceptions that may be cramping their style. Come find your flow on Sunday 4pm at Claude’s Cabin. Mandala Art by JoJo (@raggedy_andro)

The Giving Tree

Welcome back to the Peacock Program Veteran: The Giving Tree! It is a fully immersive journey in oneself as they unite new and old friendships into a wonderland of life! A place to ground your roots within the dance of the soul. The way the willow vines comfort you and bring out the inner child in all of us is like nothing else out there. If you find the secret entrance you may climb up to the top of the willow tree!

Dirtybird Gymnastics Class

Come flip, and flail in the Dirtybird Gymnastics class. Let’s get dirty, roll around in the grass and learn the basics of some core tumbling skills. We will start off with a bit of stretching and conditioning and then get right into some headstands, handstands, cartwheels and aerials! Come get your gymnastics on at the Games Field Friday 4:30pm-5:30pm. Crash mats provided and please make sure you sign the liability waiver at Games HQ before participating!

Self Portrait Studio

Most people wouldn't think they could ever make a half decent self portrait and this project will challenge those notions while being a fun, creative and interactive art studio. People will leave with talent they didn't even know they had! And you don't just leave camp with great memories, you actually have a really cool camp souvenir you'll be proud to frame and hang on your wall. No previous experience required! Just have a little patience while each awakening artist finds their specific style. Every night from 7pm-9pm at Craftopia!

Corn Hike Activity

Corn hike was born after a member of the squad foolishly typed out “corn hike” instead of “corn hole” in a group text to our entire squad. Obviously we couldn’t let that slide, so we developed a complete game surrounding this. Corn hike is the game of games, where the goal is to “hike” fresh ears of corn (between your legs like a football) through the hole of a corn hole board. Upon hiking the corn, players must yell “CORRRN HIKE” with much gusto. Similar to its ancestors, the setup for corn hike begins with two corn hole boards placed across from each other on a playing field; that is where the similarity ends. Players divide into two teams, and take turns hiking the cobs “round robin” style until someone scores. The game involves lots of shouting, pointing, giggling, and corn cob destruction. This game is a time honored tradition amongst our squad, and we’re excited to share it with the flock! Join us on Saturday & Sunday, 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Games Field.


Back for the second year, the Vibeapple is a complete party on wheels! Decked out with over 10,000 leds and an epic sound system, it can deliver all the vibes needed wherever the adventures take it. Keep an eye out for the fun easter egg costume that the Vibeapple will be rocking in celebration of the old Dirtybird logo. The Vibeapple has become an iconic art car that many many people know and love. It is very easy to spot and recognize from a distance, and people instantly know that good times are ahead. There are many ways to interact with the Vibeapple, but one of the standout crowd favorites is the motion reactive led dance controller. Its an intuitive way to control all 10,000 leds on the car and make it flow with your movements and the music. Join us for Lubelski's 'Happy Accidents' Album Listening Party Hosted by Vibeapple Friday, October 15th 6:30 PM at Camp Plaza.

Camp Rock!

Welcome to Camp Rock! Let your inner artist sing loudly as campers decorate commemorative flat stone rocks with wild colors and silly sayings. Campers write inspirational messages, quotes, memories and souvenir type rocks with acrylic paint markers. Painting rocks has become a new trend and you’ll generally find them on the path along hikes throughout the world reminding you to keep going and spreading positive messages! The rocks are placed throughout a trail, path or park and are anyone’s game! You can admire them or take them with you as a souvenir. There’s no instruments in this craft station but who's to say you won’t find a rock around camp that was decorated by your favorite DJ?? Meet us at the Campfire location from 5-7pm on Friday & Saturday.

Taco Da Party

Taco Da Party focuses on the important things in life: TACOS & PARTIES! Taco Da Party creates a place where the night can find a groove. Each night we rise and push hard into the dawn alongside tastefully curated vibes, a plethora of Taco puns, beautiful lighting and enveloping couches. Taco ‘bout a good time! Come shake your asada off with us!