Dirtybird Campout Essentials

Danny Goliger's Essentials

Unicorn Floatie - This thing is a must have for chillin in the reservoir and competing in the floatie race.

DJ Stuff - Headphones, 1/4” adaptors, USB sticks. Duh! Need to bring 2 of everything in case something fails. Especially 2 USB’s! I have nightmares about a broken link cable or something.

Teenage Engineering PO-33 - I don’t like to bring my laptop to festivals if I can avoid it. This thing is a tiny, $90, pocket sized sampler! I use it to make music on-the-go if I catch some inspiration. It sounds lo-fi amazing, has a microphone so you can do some field recording, and costs less than $100 so I’m not stressed about traveling with it.

Earplugs!!! - Probably the most essential thing for me period. Professional sound systems are LOUD. If you are around that kind of volume for an extended time, you will damage your hearing. I work with my ears for a living, so I am very protective of them. I would seriously encourage everybody to use hearing protection, and I really hope that it becomes a deeply engrained part of dance music culture.

Squad Shirt from Campout 2021 - My homegirl Rae printed a couple shirts last year for our RV squad. They are so ugly that I think its honestly super cute. It looks like something you would get at a museum gift shop. I absolutely love it and I hope we make equally cheesy follow ups this year :)