8 Artists Playing The Birdhouse Stage You Won't Want To Miss

The 2022 edition of Dirtybird Campout, known for being part music festival, part summer camp, and all fun, is right around the corner. Hosted October 7-9 at Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in California, Dirtybird Campout attracts dance music enthusiasts from all over - people who are excited to dance through the day and meet like-minded individuals who are connected by a shared passion for music.

As Campout has grown over the last 8 years, it has expanded its selection of artists beyond the house and techno that the label is known for, but house and techno still remains at the center of Dirtybird and, by extension, at the center of Campout. For those who want a taste of the origins of this experience, check out The Birdhouse Stage for all of your house and techno needs. With the stellar lineup, it might be difficult to narrow down who you should see, so read on for the 8 artists (how fitting for 8 years of Campout) you won’t want to miss - each a master in their craft and respective sounds.


Kicking off the list is none other than “the rave ringmaster”, Rebūke, a DJ and producer creating something new and genuinely exciting. Since its initial debut in 2018, his project, forged in the white-hot atmospheres of the Irish underground music scene, has been met with massive support from fans across the world, labels like Drumcode and Dirtybird and quintessential artists in the scene like Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, and Pete Tong. Known for his unique mashup sound, Rebūke is an ever-present name on Beatport Top 10 and Radio 1 playlists.

Rebūke dedicates his productions to capturing the energy of rave records from the ‘90s and fusing it with modern house and techno, resulting in something that is not only appealing to himself but also to many fans. He lives up to his namesake, which means “to intend to correct a fault,” by pursuing new sounds to bring something different to a well-established environment and his productions are the result of an undefined creative process where he focuses more on the final record as opposed to the starting point. One of his early releases that helped to launch his career, “Jump Ship", was released by Dirtybird and it has since become one of the biggest dance floor hits. Maybe you can catch it during his Campout set!


If there is an act that you can expect to throw a good party, it’s the Leed grown, Ibiza based duo that goes by Audiojack. They first rose to prominence back in the mid ‘00s on Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision Recordings and have remained mainstays over the past near two decades. They have also released originals on more leading house and techno labels like Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Tsuba, Leftroom, and Culprit, along with remixes on numerous other labels. Beyond DJing, producing, and remixing, the duo also runs their own dancefloor focused label Gruuv, which has provided an alternate home for their original music and nurtured some of the best talent, old and new.

Never resting on their laurels and reinventing themselves whenever necessary, but in an organic and authentic manner, Audiojack keeps cool and maintains credibility and integrity in today’s fast-paced, ever-growing electronic music world. They stand as a stellar example of how to do things the right way as they remain true to their beliefs and spread that positivity through their productions and sets. Their recent EP, “Stay Strong", marked their debut on Dirtybird Records, which makes their upcoming Campout performance that much more exhilarating.

Jaden Thompson

Jaden Thompson is a rising star in the world of U.K. house music who has already achieved so much at the start of his career - a resident DJ at London’s nightclub fabric, a firm favorite on Radio 1’s Pete Tong, and no stranger to the top of digital charts. Having recently turned 23, Jaden might be a fresher face in the scene, but he has certainly been holding his own since arriving in 2017, making music with a groove focused for the dance floor. He has performed b2bs and collaborated with Seth Troxler, one of the industry’s most recognizable artists, and his hit song, “Closer", has been remixed by The Martinez Brothers. While his regular rotation of playing in front of crowds was interrupted in 2020, he spent that time working on his production skills to remain relevant and productive in the studio. He also launched his own label, Midnight Parade, at the end of 2021 as the next step of his career.

When his interest in music was first sparked by Timberland’s “Beaterator” PSP game, Jaden initially gravitated towards hip-hop and R&B before developing a fondness for house music through the likes of Kerri Chandler and Omar S. His early inspirations still trickle through his productions though, as evidenced by his edit of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” He lives by the motto “you’re only as good as your last track” - a testament to his dedication and focus to honing his craft to create something memorable.


Speaking of fresh faces, twin sister duo RaeCola just released their debut EP in July of this year, though they’ve been DJing for six years - time spent tailoring their sound, which they are now confident in and ready to release original music. Hailing from none other than Chicago, the birthplace of house music, RaeCola pays homage to the foundation of the genre while bringing forth a new wave in the scene with their underground, booty bass sound. Even prior to the release of “Bezerk", the twins picked up bookings for Day Trip LA and, of course, Dirtybird Campout.

Fusing their love of ghetto house with their love of tech house, they specialize in what they call “Ghetto Tech House,” creating irresistible drumbeats, slapping basslines, and enticing vocals. With musical influences like DJ Slugo, Ghettoblaster, and DJ Godfother, RaeCola also highlights Juke in hopes that people feel defiant while listening to their music. The duo takes pride in their sense of adventure and perseverance when it comes to pushing boundaries - whether it’s moving to LA on their own or quitting their jobs to pursue music or experimenting with wonky synths to showcase what they believe could be the future of house music.

Kevin Knapp

Nurturing a love of rocking dance floors with his trailblazing sounds, Kevin Knapp may have been born in Louisville and raised in Austin, but he ultimately emerged from the bustling Bay Area dance music community to international attention. Now based in Berlin, the musical heavyweight, known for his jackin’ house style and lifelong penchant for standout vocals, taps into a range of early musical influences to create his gritty signature sound. His career as a DJ is more than a job, but it’s a way of life - he creates music in an attempt to communicate with audiences worldwide and he continues this journey day in and day out.

From first turning heads in 2012, proclaiming “My Beat Will Control You” with Audiojack to 2019 “Call Me” with Hannah Wants and his follow-up EP “Heads Up (Etiquette),” Kevin builds big on his fierce love of music and ferocious appetite for life. He launched his label Plump Recordings in 2020 with his fiance, Jessica “Hutch” Hutcheson, as a way to uplift all bodies and combine flavors of Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, and NYC to empower listeners and create a safe haven for everyone who has ever felt unseen or excluded. In addition to the anticipation that comes with his forthcoming performance, Kevin will also be releasing a new original track on Dirtybird’s upcoming Campout Compilation, so be sure to keep your ears perked and ready.

DJ Glen

São Paulo’s Glen Faedo, aka DJ Glen, started DJing when he was only 14 years old and has since built a legacy that is highlighted by his passion and dedication to the art of mixing. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Glen has become a respected producer all over the world thanks to his love for house music, ability to harness old school DJ skills, and commitment to the Brazilian music scene. With early influences in rock and roll, he always aims to bring his musical roots into electronic music, which makes for his signature sound. He has received support from other artists like Maceo Plex, Green Velvet, Amine Edge, Dance, and many others, becoming a highly in-demand and influential artist in the underground house/techno music scene. He also collaborated with Bruno Farlan on one of the biggest hits of Dirtybird, Another Planet , which has received support from Chris Lake and Fisher and is still being played years after its release.

Glen believes that music is a universal language, one that connects people beyond words. It gives him an opportunity to be himself in his studio and while that sort of identity isn’t always readily translated into crowds, he still manages to achieve connectivity with his classical and expressive skills, balanced with experimental high-end synthesis. Glen’s music is marked by his signature extra-long build ups, to create tension, that lead into big drops where the crowd moves together as one - much like at a Brazilian football game.

Walker & Royce

Duo Walker & Royce (Sam Walker and Gavin Royce) have also spent years honing their unique sound - emotive, subdued and groove-heavy deep house. The two knew each other through New York City’s dance scene for years before finally working together in 2011 and ever since, they have tested their studio outputs against the fundamental question “will we play this?” Their innate dance floor intuition, combined with years of experience behind the decks, drives them to create music that isn’t just playable - it’s irresistible. Crafting with their fans in mind, Walker & Royce are meticulous about their sounds, resulting in a cohesive, career-defining body of work that firmly places the duo at the forefront of dance music’s future.

They found early success with labels like Crosstown Rebels, OFF Recordings, and Moda Black, scoring an Essential New Tune nod from Pete Tong with 2014’s “Sister.” They went on to release their debut album, “Self Help" , on Dirtybird in 2017. It had a packed house party vibe thanks to the help of vocalists like Green Velvet, Dances With White Girls, and Sophiegrophy. They also became the inaugural release on Diplo’s house-focused imprint, Higher Ground, in 2019 with their “Rave Grave” EP. Walker & Royce have found support from many of the top DJ’s around the world as they continue to break down genre barriers and turn heads.


Ending this list is “Rave Grave” Queen herself, VNSSA. Originally from Newport Beach and now in Los Angeles, the rising DJ and producer has a knack for crafting heat-seeking techno tracks along with prominent tech and bass house rollers, making her a prominent player in LA’s house scene. She first found her love of the stage as a drummer in local rock and indie rock bands in her hometown before finding her love for house music through attending DJ shows. From there, the rest is history. She learned how to DJ and played whatever gigs would come her way before focusing her attention on YouTube to collect advice on how to produce so she could break into the touring and festival circuits.

After 7 years of DJing and 3 years of producing, she released her debut single, “Do You Wanna Play” in early 2018. That same year, she was the first artist announced on the Dirtybird Campout West lineup - an amazing achievement for anyone, but particularly even more special for someone who has always held Dirtybird in high regard. With live sets covering the length and breadth of house, breaks, techno, and the occasional classic disco tunes, VNSSA now performs regularly at well-known venues all over the world. She has also performed with prominent acts such as Chris Lake, Claptone, Destructo, Claude VonStroke, Just Martin, Nora En Pure, and many more. Her deep respect and love for Dirtybird means that her set at Campout will be nothing short of remarkable.