6 Heavy Hitters Playing the Bass Lodge

Now that we’re officially in the last full month of summer, the excitement for fall is palpable. And with fall comes festivals at which attendees can enjoy milder weather and crisper air - Dirtybird Campout is one of them. Hosted at Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds, this California Campout will once again draw several thousands of electronic music lovers from October 7th to 9th, 2022. If you don’t have any plans that weekend, you should make some to be at Campout because it promises an experience unlike any other: games galore, artist interactions, and a way to connect with other birds of a feather.

Dirtybird Campout has its roots in house and techno - but it is also known for its sense of community and belonging, so it makes sense that bass music has always been represented at the festival. The Bass Lodge began in 2015 as the 2nd stage that opened after hours and then in 2017 became home to a more substantial lineup all day and night alongside the house-centric Birdhouse stage. The Bass Lodge (is it pronounced like the fish or the sound?) has always hosted everything from jungle to classic hip-hop to experimental bass and even bands.

This year, The Bass Lodge promises a whole slew of artists that will get the bass bounce going. Here are 6 heavy hitters that you will want to catch if you’re interested in the wubs.

The Librarian

The Librarian is a must see for anyone who loves bass music and all things bass adjacent. She is the co-founder and music director of Bass Coast Music Festival - known internationally for its innovative music programming and installation art - and is widely considered one of bass music’s leading creative minds and tastemakers. Equally an artist and an entrepreneur, she has built a reputation as an inclusive community-builder in the electronic world, which has brought her followers from across the globe.

Having studied classical piano, jazz piano, guitar and voice before turning to electronic music in the early 2000’s, The Librarian translates her classical skillset into how she approaches her sets, which move through bass music, dubstep, grime, footwork, jungle, drum‘n’bass, and more. By tying together these diverse genres with fluid mixing and powerful low end frequencies and her expansive library of music, The Librarian turns each set into its own distinctive journey, immersing listeners into the artistic soundwaves. She has brought her special sound to the stages of Coachella, Symbiosis, Bumbershoot, Lightning in a Bottle, Bass Center, and more…with Campout on the horizon.


Iranian-born Sevdaliza is one of the most revered artists to emerge from the past decade and a certified global force by amassing millions of plays, selling out shows around the world, and being a bonafide critical press darling. She blends alternative R&B and trip-hop stylings into a ghostly sound, pairing minimalist accompaniment with hypnotic vocals, and continues to push the boundaries of sound by creating a unique style that also contains alternative electronic, indie, and the avant-garde.

While her sound design has long cemented her as one of today’s most essential artists, Sevdaliza also brings meaningful connection to her audience through the themes she chooses to focus on with her songwriting. Her latest album, Shabrang, chronicles her journey of self-discovery, self-love, and finding peace amongst all of the chaos in the world. It represents a love letter to herself, but also to all those who listen and can relate in the desire to trust and believe in life, serving as a catalyst for empowerment and healing through the collective consciousness. At a Sevdaliza set, you can feel free to lose yourself in the ethereal soundscapes or hone in on the sentimental lyrics.


Attendees who were online during the Bloghouse era of the late 2000s through early 2010s will be happy to know another genre-bending singer will be making an appearance at the Bass Lodge: Uffie.

Uffie quickly rose to fame during this time, known for its energy and aesthetics rather than any set of presiding sonic rules, after uploading her first tune to MySpace in 2005. The Hong Kong-born, Miami-raised, Paris-based kid of both the internet and party circuit, Uffie embarked on a whirlwind global club tour from 2009 through 2010, defining the scene with a clash of electro rap and disco-house sounds. After taking a prolonged hiatus, Uffie returns to the music scene at pop’s frontier, feeding into the coinciding return of Y2K styles.

Self-definition was at the core of the Bloghouse era and it remains at the core of Uffie’s artistry. Uffie has always thrived in dualities - the euphoric highs and comedowns - and the intersections of persona and personal. She now parses in the perspective she gained on life during her years away from music, creating an act that is entirely her own as she returns to a party period that is different than what she came into, but still remains the same at the core - dedicated to seeking out good times.

Of The Trees

Organic bass finds its champion in Of The Trees, who has been making music for close to two decades and began to really turn heads in the electronic world in 2015. Hailing from Portland, Maine, his name suggests a natural form to his sound and he certainly crafts a soundscape unlike any other through his expression of emotion through color, words, and harmony. His love for experimenting with sound design - modulating basslines between low and mid-tempo, playing with fuzzy synth distortions, or tying in distant instruments - has landed him on several tours and lineups, including Shambhala, Wakaan, Electric Forest, Lost Lands, and, of course, Campout.

An Of The Trees set will transport you to another world. Although many of his songs are of the chilled-out variety, you can still find moments of energetic hip-hop groove that keep you grounded on this planet. You never really know what you might get from Of The Trees, and that’s part of the beauty of seeing his set.


Now if you’re looking to be transported to an entirely different universe, you’ll want to put Yheti on your list of artists to see. He is a frequent sunrise set performer, given his tendencies towards psychedelic bass creations. He is an experimental artist through and through, focusing on the surreal, low end heavy side of electronic music. With high energy bass, deep rhythms, and soul-driven melodies, Yheti’s music seems to transgress time, giving listeners not only a deep look at the present, but also a look into the future.

Having performed at almost every major festival and headlined countless venues across North America, Yheti has a knack for playing to the crowd and morphing his sound to complement artists that are also sharing the same stage. Since there are other bass artists that share a similar sound to him, but Dirtybird was born from house and techno, it will be interesting to see what sort of set Yheti chooses to delight fans with.


Ben UFO remains one of the few UK DJs that continues to make an impact without a production career, and his reputation is solely the result of his skill as a selector and mixer. His keen ear and razor-sharp abilities to cut between eras, lineages, and mixing styles with dazzling ease and fluidity result in sets that weave listeners through a journey that is distinctive and exciting. He explores sounds both old and new, having cut his teeth in early dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass, and now incorporating house, garage, and club music into his selections.

Having co-founded the label Hessle Audio in 2007, alongside Pearson Sound and Pangaea, Ben UFO is looked upon as one of the leading figures supporting up and coming producers. His openness with music is a cornerstone of his approach: drawing connections, exploring new ideas, and feeding some of Hessle Audio’s energy and enthusiasm back into the musical communities of which they are an integral part. With the breadth of styles he showcases, his set will undoubtedly be filled with experimental dance music that will appeal to a diverse audience.