A music festival unlike any other, artists from both the Dirtybird label and those outside the label will once again take on the role of...

5 Experiences You’ll only have at Dirtybird Campout

A music festival unlike any other, artists from both the Dirtybird label and those outside the label will once again take on the role of Camp Counselors as they work to bring you the freshest beats and partake in some traditional (and very UNtraditional) camp games.
Having just announced that Dirtybird Campout West Coast will return October 7-9, 2022, we wanted to share with you a few campout traditions and experiences that you can only find at Dirtybird Campout West Coast.

1) Games and Events

It wouldn’t be a summer camp without games and activities, and it wouldn’t be a Dirtybird event if there wasn’t a flock of talented birdies taking them to a whole new level of weird and hilarious fun! (Shout out to those of you who participated in last year’s Lap Dance Musical Chairs.) Dirtybird Campout West Coast has a game or activity for every kind of camper.
  • Camp Games:

    There has been an unbeatable display of athletic prowess from the Dirtybird flock at Campout West Coast. From displaying archery skills worthy of Artemis to the countless hours our campers must spend at home with their dogs prepping for a game of Tug O War. Or from a movie star showing in a game of Dodgeball that would impress even Ben Stiller to the cycling debut in last year’s Tour de Dance cycle race that almost brought yellow wristbands back in popularity.
  • Camp Crafts:

    Our crafty birdies (you can spot them by the amount of hot glue in their feathers) have shown off their creative sides while participating in Wood Carving, Leather Working, Knot Tying, Face Painting/Body Art and Hair Braiding. And one activity that has been a favorite amongst our creatively inclined campers is the Tie-Dye and Screen Printing station. Here, they had the chance to update their wardrobe with Dirtybird Campout graphics and make their very own Campout West Coast souvenirs!
  • Camp Learning & Contests:

    For the talented and enlightened eggs in the nest, there are a variety of talent contests, Yoga and Meditation programs, ways for campers to improve their funky dance moves, and even feed their brains. Some of the programs offered have included yoga lessons, Freestyle classes with the Bentobox Crew, a robot race in the Science Lab by Brain, Magic Shows, Themed Talent Shows, Bingo, and one of Counselor Claude’s favorite camp activities since year 1: the unparalleled Campout Comedy Show!

2) Get Grilled with Head Counselor Claude!

Our campers need fuel to get down on the dancefloor and Head Counselor Claude likes any excuse to lick his fingers, so it was a no brainer when deciding to incorporate our traditional BBQ events into the West Coast Campout. And whether it's the steady stream of all your favorite house beats or the chance to load up on the saucy goodness from behind the grill, we will have it all at this year's Dirtybird Campout West Coast.

Take it from us – whether you are eating up the music or chowing down with the Counselors at the picnic table – both the music and BBQ will leave you looking for a wet napkin.

3) Play and Party with Favorite Dirtybird and Non-Dirtybird Artists

Dirtybird Campout is not the kind of place people come to pose for Instagram pics, network, and hang in VIP lounges while the DJs they admire perform on a stage behind a 10-foot barrier. From its conception, Campout has been about creating a family vibe with the campers and DJs being together. They get weird on the dancefloor together and create lasting memories during the endless amount of games and activities!

There is no other festival in the world that puts every person in attendance on the same level in every way possible like Dirtybird Campout does. Because regardless of status, everybody is there to hang out, play games, and dance together. No one is quite sure who they’ll be teamed up with. One day you could be telling jokes onstage with the boss Claude VonStroke, and the next be leading a strike force against him in a game of Capture the Flag with Ardalan on your side.

In the words of Head Counselor Claude:

“Inside the Campout, levels of superiority no longer exist – artists, volunteers, and attendees are all here as one campout community. Check your egos at the door and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.”

4) A True “Family” Camping Experience

Some of the things that go on in the hallowed campgrounds of Camp Dirtybird stay in the campgrounds… in fact the campground signs from 2016 are still missing. But putting aside the uncondoned sign post thievery, campers have shared many incredible stories of the experiences they had within the Campgrounds of Dirtybird Campout West Coast. One year campers were so unsure of what to do when their phones didn’t have a signal that they put up a communal mailbox in the camping grounds writing anonymous letters and words of encouragement for their fellow campers.

There was also a camper who dedicated their car to Dirtybird Campout by covering their entire vehicle in chalkboard paint and provided their fellow campers with chalk to draw, sign their names, and otherwise leave their mark to commemorate the amazing adventure they all had together. Other stories of kindness amongst campers we’ve heard include one camper giving a group of total strangers a full box of In-N-Out burgers because they had ordered more than they could eat and wanted to share the love.

5) Contests and Volunteering

As a label we have been blessed with some of the most dedicated, creative, and incredibly talented fans. It takes a village to put together a massive undertaking like Campout West Coast, and Camp Dirtybird wouldn’t be possible without the contributions from all the artists, staff, volunteers, and most importantly the campers that come back year after year! Here at Camp Dirtybird we love to give our campers the chance to show off their talent and be a part of the experience. In the past we have held a DJ mix competition with the winner opening the Bass Lodge or Birdhouse Stage, a contest that challenged campers to design a new signature merit patch, and a meme contest where one camper got the chance to partner up with Head Counselor in an epic boat race! There are so many ways our campers get involved in the making of Campout West Coast, including the making of the Dirtybird “techYES” fabulous Disco Egg.

And did you see the incredible totem that was the winning design of our totem contest? Our newest flock member @Plursito won a ticket to Campout West Coast last year!