5 Legends On The Campout Lineup

As this summer breezes by, the music community has had its fair share of fun in the sun festivals, with some of the best coming up in the near future. Dirtybird Campout, known for being half music festival and half adult summer camp, makes its annual return to Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds in California from October 7th to 9th, 2022.

While the dates might categorize it as a fall festival, the carefree activities and unparalleled energy make us hardly bat an eye at the season. Created by none other than Dirtybird label head, Claude VonStroke, and now in its 7th year, Campout promises top notch performances from artists not only in the electronic dance music scene but also across genres and an environment to help campers unlock their most wild selves.

Grab your flock for an unforgettable weekend, and while you're there, here are five legends that you won't want to miss!

Souls of Mischief

For a taste of pure hip-hop energy at the festival, you’ll want to seek out Souls of Mischief, made up of four erudite but hardcore MCs all hailing from East Oakland. Its members - A-Plus, Tajai, Phesto, and Opio - crossed paths throughout their childhood into early adulthood. The group officially formed in 1991, while its members were still in high school, then made its major-label debut on Jive Records in 1993 with its well received album, 93 ‘til Infinity. Combining chaos, danger, and the avant-garde, all from an intellectual B-Boy perspective, Souls of Mischief are the epitome of the 90’s hip-hop era.

Throughout its career, Souls of Mischief has evolved their sound over five albums that have earned them a long-standing reputation within the world of hip-hop as fans have stuck around through their sonic exploration and subsequent growth. If you’re looking for a break from the electronic sounds of Campout or simply want to experience some throwback vibes, add Souls of Mischief to your list.

Steve Bug

Having grown up in Germany’s techno and acid-house heyday, Steve Bug found his love for the perfect groove when he started releasing productions in 1993, and that love has been the cornerstone of his status as a revered artist and curator ever since. While his career started during the era of early nineties trance and harder dance, he took a more innovative approach to his sound, merging stripped deep house with tweaked out acid and more minimal forms of techno.

As he nears 30 years of producing, his influence on the European house and techno scene holds strong thanks to his relentless commitment to quality in both his own work and in the many producers he has championed. Between his various labels and multiple full-length LPs, Steve Bug has broken boundaries between genres by exploring musical diversity and experimentation through different musical paths. He manages to seamlessly weave between past, present, and future in the electronic world, particularly blurring the lines between deeply underground and hands-in-the-air moments. By finding the balance between all of these intersections, Steve Bug crafts an unforgettable and adventurous set.

Derrick Carter b2b DJ Sneak b2b Mark Farina

Thursday Arrrival Exclusive Set
Chicago is well represented with this b2b2b between three individuals who were paramount to the return of the city's house scene in the late 90's, each having their own perspective and interests in music prior to. Derrick Carter began DJing at the age of nine and released his debut single, “Love Me Right,” just after he graduated from college. DJ Sneak gravitated to instrumental music and graffiti art when his family moved to Chicago in the early 80’s from Puerto Rico. Mark Farina was an early pioneer in the late 80’s and then went on to push musical boundaries and blend genres to create “Mushroom Jazz.”

While each artist aided in the revolution to bring back Chicago’s classic house sounds, they have all since gone their separate ways - Chicago, Toronto, and San Francisco - and support the growth of other artists, much as they were in their early days, through their individual labels. Derrick Carter releases records “when the mood strikes him” on his Blue Cucaracha and Classic labels. DJ Sneak owns “Magnetic Records” along with his booking agency, “All World Entertainment.” Mark Farina owns “Great Lakes Audio Recordings,” focusing exclusively on global house producers. The three continue their celebration of their Windy City roots by performing alongside each other, first debuting as a b2b2b at Tomorrowland in 2012. As this year marks a decade of on-stage collaboration, they bring not only their personal experiences but also the experience they have of vibing off each other. It's not often you get to see such long standing chemistry, so you won’t want to miss being able to dance with these three.


With a career that spans three decades - longer than some forthcoming campers have been going to shows - Goldie has certainly earned the recognition as a legend in the drum'n'bass world. Yet there is so much more that captivates audiences, beyond just his tenure, that earns him a spot on this list.

Goldie is an artist to the core. Combining roots in graffiti and hip-hop culture with jazz and soul influences, as well as insatiable ambition, he has a career that zig-zags between producing and acting. He appeared in the 1999 James Bond movie, The World is Not Enough, and in several reality shows. Even his music stretches beyond what it is most closely associated with and into the realms of rap in his 2020 EP with rapper Osquello, Something Behind Me. With all of this under his belt, Goldie remains one of the most eclectic artists in the scene, so be sure to catch him in action to experience his multi-genre influences.

Get Real

Did you really think you would get to the end of this list and not see the iconic duo made of Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet? Get Real!

Chicago meets Detroit in this mash-up of two of house and techno’s most well-respected artists, each of whom have their own remarkable solo careers. Green Velvet is a Chicago native who played a pivotal role in ushering forth the resurgence of his city’s house music scene in the 90’s and continues to remain a pinnacle of the community, more than 25 years after his initial foray into the industry. Claude VonStroke is, of course, none other than the label head of Dirtybird, which continues to surprise and innovate in the underground dance scene.

Get Real came together on a whim in 2014 when the friends decided to ditch their scheduled consecutive sets for a four hour b2b in Miami. It became a more formal collaboration in 2015 and combines the funky bounce of Green Velvet with the driving techno of Claude VonStroke. Mixing these influences with their personalities - Claude VonStroke is known for his smiling DJ persona and Green Velvet is known for his green Mohawk and agility for change - and camaraderie, Get Real has become a highly sought after act from fans. The scarcity of a Get Real set, as it is reserved for epic occasions, means this is an opportunity to be seized to truly tie together the experience of Dirtybird Campout.