After a long search throughout California we have found the perfect spot for the 2018 Dirtybird Campout West Coast in Modesto resivor in...


After a long search throughout California we have found the perfect spot for the 2018 Dirtybird Campout West Coast the –Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds. This location is the next step in our continued journey to make the Campouts the most amazing events ever!

Here are five reasons to get excited about the new location:

1. Water

We finally have water! Water will be all around us this year, and we are ready to get our feathers wet. The reservoir water is clear and well maintained - perfect for swimming. Nothing feels better than jumping in for a swim after a long day of dancing in the sun. If you arrive early enough (or choose RV hookups or group camping options), you may even get the chance to set up camp right next to the beach!

2. Campground Amenities

From RV hookups to picnic benches, this site has everything you could need for a great camp setup. With such a variety of amenities we are able to offer various camping packages to meet your camping style (details coming soon). Whether you like to keep it simple with a tent, or to go all out with an RV, this site has got you covered.

3. Central Location

Located in California’s sunny Central Valley, both our NorCal and SoCal birds will be able to easily travel to Campout. We always want Campout to be as accessible as possible to fans all around the State and the World. It’s less than two hours from Oakland and under a five hour drive from Los Angeles. It’s also closer to international airports such as Oakland’s OAK, San Jose’s SJC & San Francisco’s SFO.

4. Nature Galore

Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds is located away (but not too far away) from the big cities and is surrounded by nature.. With a beautiful lake, shady trees, and irrigated land, this will truly feel like a camping trip away from all the big city bustle.
We thank everyone who has attended Dirtybird Campout in the past years and can’t wait to have you back for another action-packed weekend. To those who are new this year: we are so happy you are joining us. Keep up with the latest info by subscribing to our newsletter (at the bottom of this website) and RSVP to our Facebook Event page.

5. More Intimate Layout

This year we are closing the distance between the campsites and the main festival music & activities. Early birds will be able to camp a short walk away from the stages, and the festival will have an overall more intimate feel with all attractions closer to each other.

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